Ingenico device firmware update

With our new OTA functionality, you could use the following methods to load a firmware, config, assets and RKI files. After the successful update, the Ingenico device reboots.

  • terminal.loadFirmware(path)

  • terminal.LoadFirmware(path)

  • terminal.loadConfiguration(path)

  • terminal.LoadConfiguration(path)

This method downloads the configuration file (.PGZ, .XML, etc.) onto the Ingenico device

  • terminal.LoadAsset(path)

  • terminal.LoadAsset(path)

This method downloads the Asset (.K3Z, etc.) onto the Ingenico device

  • terminal.LoadRKI(path)

  • terminal.LoadRKI(path)

This method downloads the RKI file (.RKI) onto the Ingenico device

After successfully loading the new RBA version. The Ingenico configuration files need to be re-loaded which includes EMVCONTACT.XML, EMVCLESS.XML, SECURITY.PGZ (required for enabling encryption), etc. If the path is not specified, the SDK will look in the default directory structure like loadPackage/assets, loadPackage/configuration, loadPackage/rba. Please check our sample app for how the load package directories are structured.

You can use our sample app to perform the OTA update by following the steps below to have your Ingenico devices updated to newer RBA firmware:

  1. 1.) Open the Sample App provided.
  2. 2.) Connect to the Terminal and Connect your Ingenico.
  3. 3.) To update the Firmware to the RBA 23, Click LOAD FIRMWARE – Let this process complete the device will be rebooted.
  4. 4.) This will load the OGZ package under loadPackage/rba/iPP350 directory
  5. 5.) Connect the Ingenico again. To load the configuration of the device, click LOAD CONFIGURATION. This will

load the files under loadPackage/configuration/iPP350 directory which includes:

  1. - SECURITY.PGZ, 8296510100.PGN - use to enable ON-Guard encryption
  2. - EMVCONTACT.XML and EMVCLESS.XML - configuration files for EMV contact and contactless
  3. - MANAGER.PAR- enables contactless feature
  4. - CUSTPROMPT- used for tips